Pascal Bouvier

Venture Partner
Santander InnoVentures

Pascal Bouvier is a seasoned fintech venture investor with an established track record. He has been investing in financial services and fintech for the past 7 years and has deployed over $100m in capital in all five sectors – lending, capital markets, insurance, payments, asset management – and across geographies – Europe, United States and South East Asia. Pascal currently serves as Venture Partner with Santander InnoVentures. Pascal is also currently working on regulatory and regtech initiatives in the United States. His investment focus is targeted towards the enabling technologies which will be applied to the financial services industry – AI, blockchain, IoT, AR/VR, advanced data analytics – which he calls the techfin wave, and on digital identity management solutions. Pascal is regularly asked to speak at fintech conferences across the world and is active on social media where he blogs about current fintech and venture capital issues. Prior to his involvement in the fintech space, he held a variety of operating positions with large banks as well as leadership roles with small sized technology companies and startups. Pascal serves as a Strategic Advisor to One World Identity.

My Sessions

Investing in Identity

Oceanic AB

Identity is growing as an asset class in its own right. This panel of investors will discuss investment trends, opportunities, market dynamics, and industry growth potential.


The Business of Identity


There is a clear opportunity for companies to add value by giving users greater control over their data, reducing the amount of sensitive information that gets passed around, and simplifying and strengthening authentication. In this panel, entrepreneurs and experts discuss the merits and drawbacks of different revenue models and the challenges for those seeking to […]

Technology and Implementation