Bianca Lopes

VP Business Development & Strategic Marketing

Bianca is an owner and Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Marketing at BioConnect, as well as a public & Keynote speaker. Relentlessly motivated from a young age, Bianca immigrated to Canada from Brazil at the age of 17. Before joining BioConnect, she began her journey as an entrepreneur starting and selling two businesses (one in trades and one in software), all before the age of 27.   Bianca heads up BioConnect’s cloud business, responsible for establishing and managing global strategic partnerships in multiple verticals, currently fast-growing on FinTech, Finance and Technology. She also heads up a brilliantly creative, data-driven marketing team that manages all strategy & marketing for BioConnect with the bold task of redefining identity globally. A tremendous supporter of education, Bianca has advanced degrees in Politics, Finance & Mathematics. She is obsessed with the idea of technology being used for better insights and decision-making and spends countless hours studying how to redefine identity through biometrics, AI, machine learning and data analysis. Bianca continues to see the necessity for biometrics as channels converge and the world communicates in a constantly evolving omni-channel capacity to connect the unconnected world.   She believes that change is the only constant life should have — and that magic truly only happens outside of your comfort zone!

My Sessions

The New Ideas in Access Control – Physical and Information Security in our Connected World

Atrium Ballroom A

Physical and information security are blurring together and biometrics are at the center of this convergence. Find out how the identity management community is adapting to this major paradigm shift. This cross-industry panel that will touch on best practices, market challenges, and major opportunities in today’s digital and physical access control landscape.

Risk and Security